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Nannies for busy bees!

Busy Bee Nannies prides itself on offering a professional and friendly service to families and nannies across London and Surrey.

All our candidates are personally interviewed and thoroughly background and reference checked to ensure that we provide only tbe best nannies to suit your needs.

We can tailor our services to suit your needs, with live-in, live-out or temporary nannies, mother's help or maternity nannies; and offer guidance on interviews, employment and Tax, and support once the placement has commenced.

In the modern life where both parents have to work in order to provide for the family, most families settle for hiring nannies to take care of their child or children when they are at work. There are various places where nanny services are easily sourced from and this include the internet, word of mouth and local phone books. Nannies play quite a number of roles and responsibilities in your home and they are mainly determined by the wants and needs of the family they work for. The type of employment that the nannies seek also determines the work they will perform. There are nannies that are even able to help with baby shower events by helping to post or drop cute baby shower invitations and festive christmas party invitations among other duties.

Roles and Responsibilities
There are some nannies that act as regular baby sitters and take care of their employer’s children at certain times in a week but not on full-time terms. There are nannies that will pick the children from school and stay with them at home cleaning or doing some errands until their parents get home. There are also some live-in nannies that have rooms in the same house or outside the house of their employers. They work for some hours during the week and have some off days. They usually take care of the child’s emotional and physical needs. The nannies assist the parents in upbringing their children and form great links with the child’s doctors, friends and teachers.

There are some nanny services that offer some more specialized services like managing events on behalf of the parents. These nannies are specially trained on some essential event management skills to ensure that all parties and events hosted at home by the parents run smoothly. These types of nannies can be extremely helpful in event planning and hosting events in your house. They will help you in planning events like birthday parties, baby showers and many other events. They can assist you in picking up some shopping for these events while you are at work, dropping invitations to such events and also taking an active role during the party itself to make it a success. They will offer you an extra pair of hands during these distressful and hectic times. 

Benefits of Nanny Services
A nanny will be able to offer your child a personalized care as opposed to taking her to a daycare where he/she will not get any primary attention. The nanny will make your child feel secure and safe as the nanny will be working from your home making things more stable and convenient. Hiring a full-time nanny will mean that the child will be able to develop a more personal relationship with the nanny. You will also have the services of your nanny when you have events in your home which is a great thing. You will be able to save some money that you would have used to hire an event organizer or some extra help for your event. The nanny will be a better option as you can trust her and she will be familiar with a number of your friends and suppliers. This will make her the perfect one to drop your invitations.


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